Permanent Pavement Graphics

Permanent Pavement Graphics

Permanent Pavement Graphics

Long Lasting Pavement Graphics

DuraBrand Pavement Graphics is the perfect solution for organizations that need a long lasting pavement graphic. DuraBrand is a durable, pre-formed thermoplastic pavement graphic system that is creating opportunities for many programs to promote their brand effectively.

DuraBrand is built tough to withstand weather and traffic. These graphics typically last 6-8 times longer than paint. With an easy 1-2-3-setup plan, you can have your DuraBrand Pavement Graphics up in no time!

  1. Prepare the area by cleaning the area of debris
  2. Apply the adhesive and position the graphic
  3. Heat the graphic to properly form to the pavement. 

Key Features:

  • Long lasting pavement graphic solution.
  • Custom made to fit your needs.
  • DIY installation
  • Ready for traffic minutes after installation.

    Our award winning creative department is highly skilled at taking your vision and using their talent and expertise to take your programs brand to a whole new level.  Let us help turn your vision into reality. Fill out the form now for a free design mock-up to help you visualize the possibilities.

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