Home Run Fence

Home Run Fence

Portable Outfield Fence

Now you can create your own baseball and softball field in no time with Home Run Fence. These portable outfield fences are All-In-One kits that give you the ability to create a field anywhere. While ​you ​can ​use ​Home Run Fence ​for ​either ​a baseball​ ​outfield​ ​fence​ ​or ​a little​ ​league​ ​fence, ​this portable ​fencing ​solution ​comes ​in ​multiple ​colors ​and ​varying ​lengths ​that ​are ​perfect ​for ​you ​field.

Comes standard with poles every 10’ to keep your fence in place, but 5’ intervals is also available to give you a more stable and taught fence. Doubling your poles will give you a more attractive fence that is more resistant to the wind.

Key Features:

  • Durable yet soft.
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Colors: Red, Blue, or Green. All with Yellow home run marker.
  • Pole spacing: 10’ (standard) and 5’ (reduces sagging).
  • Can change outfield distance by adding or eliminating sections.

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