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Brand your Bleachers. Boost your Program!

Turn your unsightly bleachers into an awesome branding asset with Bleacher SkinTM Bleacher Graphics! Many schools have found branding their facility to boost their programs image, school spirit, recruiting, team pride and increase community engagement. Whether you’re wrapping the bleacher tops, sides, fronts or backs: Bleacher SkinTM Bleacher Graphics will help take your athletic branding to the next level.

Bleacher SkinTM Bleacher Graphics are made from Dura-Mesh, a super durable poly scrim material that allows 35% wind pass thru, making this system the most durable and wind resistant bleacher graphic system available. Bleacher backs and sides use our proprietary Bleacher SkinTM tensioning system.  This system makes your graphics look incredible and protects them by pulling them tightly on your bleachers.

Key Features: 

  • 35% wind pass-thru mesh material makes your bleacher graphics durable and wind resistant
  • Tensioning system keeps your graphics tight and secure
  • Ultra-Brite Inks make your graphics pop
  • Creative design and FREE Mockup available at no additional cost
  • Award winning creative department

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