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Replacing & Restoring History with Fence Graphics 

Saint Joseph’s College’s baseball field (Standish, Maine) was known for having a distinct rustic look that separated them from other fields. The main element that gave their field a unique look was their wooden fence that was well known on campus. But when this iconic structure needed to be replaced, Saint Joseph needed to find the perfect replacement. 

“For years, our field had a wooden fence that was the signature piece of our facility,” said Will Sanborn, head baseball coach at Saint Joseph’s College. “The fence was very popular with our alumni and players.” Eventually, the wooden fence started to deteriorate and needed to be replaced with a chain link fence, just like most baseball fields. But Sanborn knew Saint Joseph couldn’t be just like everyone else. 

Saint Joseph History

Sanborn has a long history with the Saint Joseph baseball program and only wants the best for his team. He played with the Monks in the mid 80’s and has been the coach for the last 27 years. With 9 conference titles and 8 NCAA tournament berths in the last 14 years, Sanborn wanted to give his champions something they could be proud of, just like their wooden fence. 

“We wanted to take this opportunity to brand the field and we wanted it to be seen as a positive upgrade,” stated Sanborn. “A colleague told me about, so I gave them a call.” 

Creating the Perfect Solution worked one-on-one with Sanborn’s team to come up with a concept that would both represent Saint Joseph and give their field that ‘positive upgrade’ they wanted. The key elements that were used to complete this task was using player photos and incorporating the Monks’ logo and colors. 

“I wanted to give them something that was more edgy/modern, as opposed to traditional, while also giving it a historical/timeless appearance with the color effects on the player images,” explained Mark Smith, designer at Smith was the lead designer for the Saint Joseph project. He took the rough concepts, from Sanborn and his team, and turned it into the ‘positive upgrade’ Saint Joseph needed. 

The Result

“I worked with our Sports Information Director, Corey McCarthy, to come up with a rough idea of what we wanted try and the design team went to work,” said Sanborn. “The back and forth was very quick, easy and professional. We really loved the results.” But the big question is: will the players, fans and alumni like the new fence?

“Everyone loved it!” exclaimed Sanborn. “I was worried that our baseball community would miss the old wooden fence, but everyone is impressed with this upgrade. It really stand out and sets our program apart.”

The new fence graphics are now hung with pride at Larry Mahaney Diamond. The player photos really grab your attention, the colors scream school pride, and the branding let’s everyone know who owns this field. “Branding is so important now in recruiting and fundraising,” explained Sanborn.

Common Hurdle to Conquer

Saint Joseph did face a hurdle that many programs witness when planning a project like this: limited budget. With only certain funds available, you have to make sure you get what you want AND receive a product that wont need to be replaced quickly. If not done right, you may end up paying a lot more in the long run. 

“Make sure you use a trusted team that has been in the business and produces a product that lasts,” Sanborn stated. “You may be able to get it done for a cheaper price, but you won’t get that ‘WOW’ factor and the durability you want.”

It’s been a few years since Saint Joseph revealed their new fence graphics and they still look great. “Even after a couple years, we still get a lot of positive comments.”

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