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Field Cover

Rain Spot Cover

Field Cover

Infield Covers

Field Covers

Protect Your Field!

Weather can cause quite a bit of damage to your field. Help protect your field with custom-made field covers. offers a variety of different field covers that will help keep your field dry and game ready. All of our covers are waterproof and rot-resistant to insure field protection.

Infield Covers:

Protects the infield from rain and keeps your playing area dry for game time. Pull handles and grommets placed every 10'-12' for easy applications.

Rain Spot Covers:

Covers specific areas on your diamond: mound, home pate, bases and bullpen. Made for easy setup and removal.

Baseball Field Covers:

Helps protect all aspects of your field to make sure everything is dry and ready for game time.

Full Field Covers:

Full Field Covers provide protection against the elements keeping your field in the best condition for your athletes.  Dual purpose lining with a silver colored side to reflect the sunlight and a a backside to absorb the heat.

Sideline Covers:

Keep your sidelines safe and in good condition with customizable sideline covers. Customize yours to promote your brand and team spirit. Available in vinyl mesh and blanket style covers, your sideline covers will help protect your field.

Key Features: 

  • Add logos to your covers to promote your brand.
  • Protects your field from rain and weather.
  • Customizable to fit your facilities needs.

Our award winning creative department is highly skilled at taking your vision and using their talent and expertise to take your programs brand to a whole new level.  Let us help turn your vision into reality. Fill out the form now for a free design mock-up to help you visualize the possibilities.

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