Scoreboard Graphics

Scoreboard Graphics

Scoreboard Graphics

Scoreboard Graphics

Scoreboard Graphics

Revitalize Your Scoreboard!

Don't let your scoreboard fade into the background. Transform it into an eye-catching display that captivates all who lay eyes on it with our remarkable Dura-Flex Frame. This innovative frame showcases images and graphics against a tightly stretched banner, creating a smooth and clean look that demands attention. Whether you choose our Dura-Mesh or Dura-Last vinyl banner, your scoreboard back will be revitalized and outstanding.

Key Features:

  1. Creates unique branding opportunity: Maximize the branding potential of your scoreboard with the Dura-Flex Frame. It offers a unique opportunity to showcase your program's identity and leave a lasting impression on fans and players. Elevate the visual impact of your field by transforming your scoreboard into a captivating canvas of branding and promotion.

  2. UV-protected inks to make graphics stand out: We understand the importance of longevity and visibility. That's why our BrandChamp Scoreboard Graphics are printed with UV-protected inks, ensuring that your graphics will stand out for seasons to come. Experience vibrant colors and outstanding clarity that make your scoreboard graphics truly shine.

  3. Built tough to survive the natural elements: Weather can be harsh, but our Dura-Flex Frame is built to withstand the challenges of the outdoors. We take pride in creating products that can endure the natural elements, ensuring that your scoreboard remains visually striking and impactful, season after season.

At, our award-winning creative department is driven by their exceptional talent and expertise. They will take your vision and propel your program's brand to a whole new level. To explore the possibilities, fill out the form now for a complimentary design mock-up.

Revitalize your scoreboard and make it a visual centerpiece that enhances your field's ambiance. Let Dura-Flex Frame be the catalyst for transforming your scoreboard into a stunning branding opportunity. Fill out the form now and let us turn your vision into reality!

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