Field Goal Net Graphics

Field Goal Net Graphics

Sponsors should want to pay top dollar for this high-profile space because it is seen from all around a stadium and at every play. Transform your nets into eye-catching, revenue generating advertisements with Monster Net Logos or Net Mesh from

Our Monster Net Logos make a statement and can showcase your top sponsors. We use a unique imaging process to apply your sponsor's logos/graphics to the nets at either end of the stadium. You won't have to worry about the images inhibiting fans' views though since they're only applied to strands facing the field/rink.

Net Mesh is another new product. It attaches easily to existing nets with zip ties and is finished with sturdy hems and grommets spaced approximately every 12". The net is made from a special open weave mesh and allows 50% wind pass through to prevent flagging. Although it is semi-translucent, this product works best when it is raised only for kicks and in stadiums/arenas where there is no seating behind the net mesh.

We ensure quality images on our Monster Net Logos and Net Mesh by using our UV protected Ultra Brite inks. Graphics remain sharp and vivid even under the harsh rays of the sun. has the experience, capabilities and customer service to meet your signage and graphics needs. Let us help turn your vision into reality. With our full design department, we provide you with free design and layout options and post your mock-up onto our online proofing site.

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