PopOut Floor Display

PopOut Floor Display

PopOut Floor Display

Promote Your Brand Quick And Easy!

Our Pop Out is a floor display that is sure to capture the attention of any audience. It features two custom prints that measure about 7’x3’ and is constructed using fiberglass poles. The two panels are connected with hook-and-loop adhesive and use the included carrying case as a base. The entire display can be put together in seconds and, when fully assembled, is lightweight at approximately 6lb and measures close to 7’x3’x3’.

Since this display’s frame is flexible, it allows the prints to be twisted and folded into the carrying case for transport. As a versatile display, the Pop Out can be used to do much more than advertise a sale at a department store. It can be used outdoors to promote players at a golf tournament or indoors to direct attendees at a trade show.

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