Halo Banner Ring

Halo Banner Ring

Halo Banner Ring

Halo Banner Ring

Halo Banner Ring

Amplify Your Arena with the Ultimate Crown!

At BigSigns.com, we offer a remarkable array of branding products that motivate players, excite fans, and transform facilities. However, our Halo Banner Rings are the crowning glory your program needs to create an awe-inspiring arena.

Crafted specifically for you, our custom-made Halo Banner Ring suspends from your arena's ceiling, warmly welcoming everyone who enters. With 360 degrees of captivating graphics, this magnificent display will resound with school pride, taking your home games to extraordinary heights!

Key Features:

  1. Double-Sided Dye-Sub Fabric with Aluminum Frame: Experience stunning visuals from every angle with our double-sided dye-sub fabric, elegantly encased within a sturdy aluminum frame.

  2. Harness and Installation Included: Our comprehensive package includes the necessary harness and installation materials, ensuring a seamless setup process.

  3. Perfect for Arenas: Designed to harmonize effortlessly with arena settings, our Halo Banner Rings command attention and create a high-impact display that leaves a lasting impression.

  4. High-Impact Display: Suspended from the ceiling, our Halo Banner Rings captivate audiences with graphics that can be seen from every corner of the arena, enveloping spectators in a sea of school spirit.

Experience the transformative power of our Halo Banner Rings and unleash the full potential of your arena. Our award-winning creative department stands ready to transform your vision into a magnificent reality. Don't miss out—fill out the form now to receive a complimentary design mock-up, offering you a glimpse into the extraordinary possibilities that await you.

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