Floor Skin

Floor Skin

Floor Skin

The New Solution To Floor Branding!

FloorSkin™ is low profile, anti-skid backed printable flooring material with a soft spongey back. It’s made of 85% PVC, 15% polyester.

Applications include: Floor and counter mats, decorative floor graphics for facilities or events, trade show floors, POP and retail advertising. 

The FloorSkin™ comes with anti-skid adhesive strips in the corners to keep mats in place. Perimeter adhesive and be applied for a super secure installation. Floorskin™ is printed using our state of the art Latex Printing Technology for a extremely vibrant full color digital graphics.

Key Features:

  • Meets FR 16CFR Part 1630 Standard for surface flammability
  • 2.35MM Thick, 85% PVC, 15% polyester
  • Printed using our state of the art Latex Printing
  • Comes with anti-skid adhesive strips in the corners
  • Low profile, anti-skid backed printable flooring material
  • For facilities, events, trade-shows, pop, advertising
  • Can also be die-cut for branding application

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