Locker Skin

Locker Skin

Locker Skin

Take Advantage Of Your Lockers!

Your lockers are an underutilized branding opportunity in your facility. Our Locker-Skin™ can help you capitalize on this impactful branding opportunity by covering those bare lockers with eye-catching graphics. Your Locker-SkinTM graphics will have a huge impact on your student athlete’s, recruit’s, parent’s and administrator’s perception of your program. 

Locker-Skin™ is made from our easy to install 4 mil PSV vinyl and are created using our cutting-edge latex printing technology. Your Locker-Skin™ graphics will burst with color giving you a striking, image-enhancing, branding graphic that will promote your vision of your program. 

Easy Installation: Just remove locker hardware. Install decal in the “sweet spot” between the top and bottom air vents using a credit card or simple squeegee. Replace the hardware and you’re done!

Key Features:

  • Creates new branding opportunity
  • Easy to install
  • Makes a huge impact on student athletes
  • Promotes your vision for your program

Our award winning creative department is highly skilled at taking your vision and using their talent and expertise to take your programs brand to a whole new level.  Let us help turn your vision into reality. Fill out the form now for a free design mock-up to help you visualize the possibilities.

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