Monster Net

Monster Net

Raise your Sponsors High

Attract profitable sponsorship revenue by offering prime advertising real estate on your field. Monster Net Mesh™ is designed to provide maximum visibility for your sponsors while generating revenue for your school. Placed on the nets behind your goal posts, Monster Net Mesh™ assures all eyes are upon it whenever a kick takes place. It can be used to build sponsor brand loyalty, increase sponsor revenue or be tied to a program that can raise revenue for the school with each successful kick.

Monster Net Mesh™ is printed onto our mesh polyester fabric using a special dye-sublimation process, which allows your sponsors message to look great. Although the Net Graphic net is semi-translucent, it works best when the net is raised only for kicks and in stadiums where there is no seating behind the goal post.

Monster Net Mesh™ is finished with sturdy hems and grommets spaced every 24”. It attaches easily to your existing net with zip ties. Artwork choices are unlimited and can range from simple graphics to four-color photographs.

Key Features:

  • Place behind goal posts for maximum exposure.
  • Printed using a dye-sub process to offer great looking graphics./p>
  • Finished with sturdy hems and grommets.
  • Unlimited art possibilities.

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